Right of Way


Midstream operations are vital to production and development operations in the field, and Paladin has expertise in the areas of right of way acquisition for pipelines, roadways, electric and flow lines, and valve sites, etc. We can handle everything from surveying to permitting, and even provide project management services for construction operations.
We provide an array of services for gas and crude transportation projects, electrical transmission projects and many others. Our land and right of way department is equipped with an experienced, knowledgeable and well-trained staff. Our land agents always conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism and follow both the IRWA and AAPL code of ethics. A highly organized and experienced administrative staff capable of handling any and all types of data management is available in support of our land agents at all times. A full list of our services is outlined below.

  • Route Selection and Mapping
  • Title Research and Verification
  • Right-of-Entry
  • Coordination with Surveying
  • Right-of-Way Negotiation and Acquisition for Pipelines (Gathering, Crude, Saltwater) and electric lines (Distribution, Transmission)
  • State, County, Railroad, and Wildlife Permitting
  • Surface Site Purchase/Lease for Salt Water Disposals, Electric Substations, Compressor Stations, Meter Sites, Valve Sites, and Ground Beds
  • Condemnation Support
  • Eminent Domain Support
  • On and Off Site Project Management
  • Settlement of Construction Damages
  • Drilling/Frac Water Location/Acquisition
  • Construction Liaison
  • Due Diligence and Title Curative
  • Appraisal Support
  • Relocation Services
  • Data/Document Management and Recording