Project Management

As the complexity of oil and gas projects increases, owners and operators have intensified their focus on managing risks, time and cost. Paladin offers full-scale project management services based on work ethic and superior industry experience.

We believe that project management is key in every aspect of land work.  Our project managers will ensure that every team member is successful and that there is no unproductive time on projects.

By adopting a holistic and tailored approach to project management, our goal is to ensure that every oil and gas project is completed on time and on budget, and to the agreed quality. Our projects are managed and executed by experienced senior staff well-versed in handling large-scale oil and gas projects.

Paladin ‘Project Excellence’ comprises a stage-gate model designed to maximize performance and client benefits, while providing a clear roadmap throughout the project lifecycle. The Project Excellence model is generic and scalable, which ensures desired quality levels and timely delivery regardless of project complexity, scope, size or duration. Our model serves to facilitate a full understanding of client and project needs, and to ensure all strategic goals are met.

Our services within project management cover risk & opportunity management, and management of change, planning & scheduling; progress reporting & status meetings, resource management, cost control and budget updates, design and quality management, and data security for your proprietary information.